The Heart of Our Mission

The mission of Salt & Light is to share God’s love by fighting poverty with opportunities that empower people for lasting change.

  1. “to share God’s love”

What does it mean to share the love of God? God’s love includes every person. There is no one either more loved or less loved by God.  This is true no matter who you are, what you have, what you have done, or what you can do. The value that we assign people doesn’t come from their money, their abilities, or their accomplishments. This means that every person here is equally welcomed, equally accepted, equally valued, equally respected, and well-treated.

  • “by fighting poverty”

How do we fight poverty here? It’s not just about helping people get more money or material things. You can be poor in lots of ways. You can be poor with your possessions, but also in your spirit, in your relationships, in your community, and in your way of life. At Salt & Light, we are fighting poverty by helping people be well and whole—materially, relationally, personally, and spiritually.

  • “with opportunities that empower people”

Salt & Light is not giving people power. We are giving people the opportunity to use the power that they have. We don’t operate in ways that would tell people they have no power, and that they need us to do things for them or fix things for them. We give people the chance to make decisions and take actions that can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

  • “for lasting change”

Real change is not for a moment or a day; it’s something that makes a difference in someone’s life going forward. We want the experience of our customers, donors, volunteers, and members here to not just make a difference during the time they are in our buildings, but to give opportunities and create a setting where people can change their lives, change their thoughts, change their actions, change their goals, change their path, in ways that are healthy, helpful, and healing for themselves and others.

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