Four groups served by Salt and Light

Four Groups Served by Salt & Light

Are you aware that Salt & Light goes beyond serving individuals dealing with the challenges of financial poverty? We deeply understand that poverty is more than a lack of material goods. It is also a lack of connection, opportunities, encouragement, and positive self-regard. With that, our team looks to connect with and provide opportunities to our entire community.  Who does our mission serve? 

  1. Job Seekers – Our volunteer credit program provides an accessible work environment that helps gain skills, experience, and work history, and our stores bring jobs to neighborhoods in need.
  2. Students and Youth – We offer opportunities all the way from volunteering for kids as young as 6, to research, internship, and project opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
  3. Senior Citizens – Our seniors can not only earn store credit to supplement their income, but also shop at reduced prices, learn new technology skills, and contribute their valuable gifts and experience as volunteers in our programs.
  4. Community Workers – We’re uniquely suited for partnership opportunities with other organizations, and ideally located as a connection point for services and resources of all kinds.

  Our unique approach extends far beyond solely addressing material poverty. We strive to empower and uplift the entire community, creating opportunities for lasting change for everyone. 

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  1. Hi the name is arun james I been ministering to u guys for almost 7 years been dealing with a lot of hate because I’m an Illinoisans I love the Church that you support been a member of unity Baptist for 2 years off and on love the sermons but not so much the people who claim to be god believers dont know what kind of business you guys running but the donations are amazing by the people who donate and get a tax relief cut Lisa Tim and phil were my favorite people Erin Thurman excellent cashier and best friend Craig is a good christian In my book keep the good work up but please dont be a stranger understand love god love people no matter of skin tone god bless diversity rules!

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