Donating Goods – What to Bring and Why It Matters

Are you looking for an organization that will take your gently used items and makes the most of them?  We, at Salt & Light, would be honored to receive your donated goods and make them available to our community members. …

The Impact of Your Volunteer Time at Salt & Light

While our amazing, dedicated staff works hard each day to make Salt & Light the best it can be, we literally could not operate for a single day without the efforts of community volunteers who come through our doors to sort, stack, stock, stage, and sacrifice their time to make Champaign-Urbana a better place. Their work makes opportunity possible for people in poverty to have their needs met with dignity and grace.

An Incomplete Understanding of Poverty Leads to Solutions That Don’t Work

What is poverty? Merriam-Webster defines poverty as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Our government’s own definition (all 184 words of it) is rooted in income thresholds based on…

Why People of All Abilities Volunteer at Salt & Light

Why People of All Abilities Volunteer at Salt & Light

If you ever volunteered or visited at Salt & Light during the years we were an emergency food pantry, you would have found many people with various types of disabilities standing in line for food. This is a reflection of…