Transforming Our Community Through Volunteering

When you walk through the doors of Salt & Light, you will see many people working throughout the store. In addition to our staff, there are: credit-earning participantspeople completing community service hoursstudents in job training programscommunity volunteers (both individuals and in…

The Impact of Your Volunteer Time at Salt & Light

While our amazing, dedicated staff works hard each day to make Salt & Light the best it can be, we literally could not operate for a single day without the efforts of community volunteers who come through our doors to sort, stack, stock, stage, and sacrifice their time to make Champaign-Urbana a better place. Their work makes opportunity possible for people in poverty to have their needs met with dignity and grace.

Why People of All Abilities Volunteer at Salt & Light

Why People of All Abilities Volunteer at Salt & Light

If you ever volunteered or visited at Salt & Light during the years we were an emergency food pantry, you would have found many people with various types of disabilities standing in line for food. This is a reflection of…

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