Every day we turn faith into action, walking with people on their journey.  Salt & Light does not provide financial assistance. We do, however, desire to help our participants make achievable goals and find long-term solutions.  God has made individuals uniquely qualified to accomplish His purposes for their lives.  Our ministry is geared towards awakening those abilities so our participants can recognize their significance to their families, in their community and for the Kingdom of God.  So, where do we begin?


It’s no secret that senior adults tend to get overlooked times, particularly those who live in retirement communities. While there are many ways we’d like to serve the older residents here in SE Urbana, one practical way is through physical wellness.

Many seniors believe they’re “too old” or “too worn down” to exercise. Research shows a high percentage of physical ailments (even the Big 4: diabetes, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and heart disease) can be improved through regular physical activity.

Trained instructors will cover low-impact aerobics, strength and balance training, and flexibility whether participants are seated or standing. It’s a safe, friendly environment where it doesn’t take long to become family.

DATES: October 16 – November 15; Tuesdays & Thursdays

TIME: 4 – 4:30pm


Sign up at the front desk or here!



Basic Guitar instruction for students. A limited number of guitars are available for class use and for practice.

TEEN CLASS (ages 13-18) Saturdays 3-4pm | Urbana S&L

Dates: October 27 – November 15

Register at the Urbana front desk or here!





We offer computer and internet access free of charge. Most of our participants utilize the lab for social media, job searches and applications, word processing, and gaming but the lab serves as another dynamic educational tool. Computer assistance is available by appointment.