Like any other store, Salt & Light’s grocery is open to the public and everyone is welcome to shop here.  

We have a huge variety of items at very affordable prices.  Our Urbana location is a full grocery –  stocked with fresh produce, frozen meats, dairy, bakery items, canned goods, cleaning supplies, soft drinks, a pharmacy aisle, a huge $1 section, etc.!  The shelves are full of popular name brands as well as lower-priced store brands.  

Contrary to popular belief, Salt & Light is not just a grocery for those who are struggling financially.  The whole community can shop together and choose what they want to purchase. 

However, for those who struggle with financial resources, volunteer credit is another option.  The grocery serves families and individuals struggling with chronic food insecurity and gives them access to opportunities and resources for a fuller and successful in life.  

Your purchases impact our mission. Feeding your family with purchases from Salt & Light helps another family feed theirs.

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