personal development allies

Personal Development Allies

So many individuals and families are sinking — struggling to meet their basic needs, struggling to maintain positive relationships, struggling with feeling overlooked and forgotten. From this position, thinking beyond the present is difficult, and planning for the future is impossible. 

Through our Personal Development program, volunteers trained as Allies help move those who are sinking to a state of surviving, and ultimately, to a position of thriving. 

This process begins by viewing each person as God does:

  • As someone of value who deserves honor and respect

  • As someone who has been given skills, talents, gifts, and abilities

  • As someone with capacity

By changing the conversation from one focused on a need to one centered on identity and giftedness, our Allies begin helping our participants to realize their potential at home, at work, and in the community. 

Our Allies’ goals are:

  • To listen.

  • To ask questions which lead towards goal identification and action plans to accomplish them.

  • To offer perspective, strategies, and other suggestions.

  • To provide empowering and usable tools to build confidence, competence, and courage.

Interested in Meeting with an Ally?

You can walk into Salt & Light during normal business hours, Monday through Saturday, 9am-8pm, and meet with an ally as they are available. 

Appointments can also be set ahead of time. To do so, please contact Terry Austria.