I used to stand in the long line at the old Salt & Light up north of the highway, hoping no one would see me or recognize me, feeling like a failure.  It was a difficult time for our family.  We were struggling financially and feeling trapped and hopeless.  There was just something humiliating about standing in that long line waiting for food that I couldn’t afford to buy.  While I was grateful, I was also resentful.  I kept having to thank everyone for a bag of pre-packed groceries that was full of cheap canned goods and salty snacks.  What my family really needed was meat, fruit, and veggies.  But we couldn’t afford those.  So I came each week and waited in the line.  Oh how I hated that wait.  That line.  That forced gratitude.  And then I signed forms that were supposed to document that I had received food.  Giving my information added to the humiliation.  Once we had a little bit more money, I vowed I would never stand in that line again, no matter what.
This was many years ago.  Salt & Light has made so many positive changes since then.  As I walk thought the store, I see families buying what they need, with their dignity intact.  NO long humiliating lines.  NO documentation.  No questions or averted eyes or forced gratitude.  I see a community coming together to help each other out.  Everyone at the same level.  Everyone treated with gracious love and respect.  This is true Christian charity.  And I’m glad now to be a part of it. 


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