Salt and Light was a life opening experience. After years in the retail industry, to see what Salt and Light offered on a personnel level to those associated with the organization was inspiring. Each day when I went to work I saw a group of people who showed the Love of Christ to every employee, but most importantly, to the great number of volunteers who worked there. I could see Christs love for those less fortunate as I watched people, who were facing struggles in their lives, walk into a place where open arms were waiting and they were appreciated for who they are. How awesome is that!

During my time there I was able to talk to many community members that came through the donations department. The time I shared with some of these individuals taught me lessons as we talked about their lives and struggles they were having. This brought me closer to God’s Word as I witnessed his amazing healing hand for his people. This so helped with my own struggles and brought me to a realization that my issues paled in the light of Gods embrace.

I want to say THANK YOU to Salt and Light for doing Gods work and for being there as a beacon to those in need. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have been associated with such a wonderful Organization.

Ed S.

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