“Salt and Light’s Urbana missions offers a path to fulfilling some of the deepest needs of Lierman and other-area residents: employment and service leading to financial or resource gain, walkable access to good, affordable food and home necessities, a technology center, and space for teaching/learning, art and performance in which children and their caregivers can shine and inspire one another and build upon their strengths. Additionally, the Urbana mission partners with organizations committed to nurturing those who are homeless, new to our community and country, looking for second chances, and or experiencing crisis. Complementary, non-duplicative services offer people tools to move from crisis to confidence and strengthen Urbana as a whole.”

“As a person with disabilities, I am grateful for Salt and Light’s commitment to accessibility. Physical and spiritual space is made for everyone, inclusive of disability, skill, and experience. As a member volunteer, my household resources are strengthened. As an Urbana resident with ties to the neighborhood, I appreciate how many people within a fifteen-minute walk or scooter drive benefit from the store- as employees, volunteers, shoppers, students, business owners, poets, crafters, and more. The store, with its frequent turnover of thrift goods and furnishings, is a destination experience for many neighbors, particularly those with limited transportation options.”

“Salt and Light offers a unique intervention to households affected by financial and other kinds of poverty. The welcome I feel when I come to shop or work is the welcome I want to give others: it reminds me of the sign at the Urbana customer service counter that promises, ‘Together, we rise’.”

Robin A.

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