workplace readiness

Workplace Readiness

Nothing attacks one’s dignity like a lack of direction and work. The shame of unemployment and underemployment can often be disabling, preventing us from utilizing our God-given abilities and calling.

At Salt & Light, our hope is to come alongside participants, helping them to develop crucial skills for flourishing in their careers and communities. We cover topics like job searches, preparing resumes, interviewing skills and understanding what employers want. But more than that, the curriculum engages participants in God’s grand story for our lives, uncovering how to live all of life, including work, in light of that story.

Naming gifts, developing communication skills, healing from the past, and overcoming difficult roadblocks are all addressed in interactive ways.  The classroom instruction will be combined with practical on-the-job training and financial education.  Supportive “allies” will also be on hand to provide one-on-one support and encouragement.


  • Job Preparedness Instruction:  19 sessions (6 weeks) focused on developing soft skills necessary for acquiring and maintaining employment.

  • Practical Work Experience:  Participants who successfully navigate the first four weeks of classroom instruction have the opportunity to work part-time for up to three months either onsite at Salt & Light or through community partners. During this time they will receive $8.25 per hour (minimum wage), receiving constructive feedback throughout their work experience.

  • Financial Education:  12 sessions (12 weeks) equips individuals with a biblical vision of generosity, money management, savings, getting out of debt, and using our assets for the kingdom.

  • Encouragement. Showing participants that we are known and loved by God, and that He can provide peace, healing, and freedom in our relationship with Him, with others, with ourselves, and with our money.

LOCATION: Salt & Light Urbana

DAYS/TIMES: TBD – Not taking applications at this time